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Beard Boom

Beard Boom

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Revitalize your beard with our premium plant-based beard oil, an essential in every beard care routine.

Our easy spray-on ultimate beard care oil boasts an irresistible scent profile featuring earthy, smoky, spicy, musky, and masculine notes, ensuring a captivating aroma that leaves a lasting impression.

Crafted with a blend of high-quality oils including jojoba oil, fractionated coconut oil, Jamaican castor oil, apricot oil, argan oil, and enriched with Vitamin E and an essential oil blend, our beard oil offers superior nourishment and hydration for your facial hair and skin.

Experience the luxurious benefits of our plant-based beard oil, made with premium oils and weighing 2 oz, perfect for on-the-go grooming and revitalization.

Elevate your grooming routine with our plant-based beard oil, delivering unbeatable scent and essential care for your beard.

‘It booms your beard’

Manufacturer: Alchemy Body Werks

UPC: 987654320173

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